Tea and Fluorosis

Tea and Fluorosis

Who would have thought that drinking tea can produced fluorosis. In keeping with the theme of this blog, this short story / report about a patient who developed fluorosis after drinking copious amounts of tea (yes, tea), everyday is extremely interesting.


  1. Argha Chatterjee says:

    Sir, I am a radiology resident from Kolkata and I also have an interesting fluorosis story to share. We saw the skeletal survey of this 28 yr old gentleman who was admitted in Medicine as a possible case of osteopetrosis or other sclerosing dysplasia. We diagnosed (not knowing the history, of course) it as fluorosis. It was classical. But the Medicine guys rejected our theory since the patient hailed from Serampore which is not a known endemic area. Moreover, patient’s urine fluoride came as normal. But we insisted and finally the water sample from patients home was tested at JU and fluorine was very high. It is because patient was detached from his regular drinking water for more than 3 weeks his urine fluoride was normal. Now that particular area is going (or should be going) under scanner for fluorine. Radiology prevailed.

    • Argha

      You should write up the story as it happened, with the fluoride values and send me good quality x-rays and I can post this with you as the author.

  2. Aditya Agrawal says:


    Just read this in the last issue of NEJM.

  3. dr vivek kumar says:

    good story

  4. dr prabodh v wadkar says:

    Bhavin thismut be due to the large amout of fluoridated water the patient consumed in the for of tea becase tea i no grown in fluoride designated areas
    anyways a great eye opener

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