The role of a radiologist – gatekeeper v/s service-provider

Dr. Saurabh Jha has a very interesting article in a recent issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, discussing the role of a radiologist.

In the UK, where he trained, it was that of a gatekeeper. In the US, it is that of a service provider.

In India, we are predominantly service providers and perhaps less than 5% of the work we do allows us to act as consultant physicians, advising on what next is to be done or on the appropriate modality to be used.


  1. On reading the article, I feel that Radiologists obviously should be gatekeepers. But having grown up in India, the local scenario made me think more on the Service provider lines. Having read Arthur Hailey’s “Final Diagnosis” had years ago given me a good perspective of the role of diagnostic physicians – Radiologists and Pathologists. But still, this article really brought things right up on my conscious thoughts! Will see how I can use these lessons learnt, when I start patient education programs. Thanks for sharing this – made very interesting reading.

  2. Bhavin – pondering on the article set me thinking. If I had to see a Radiologist as a Physician who is a partner in the diagnosis of my disease / condition, I would never be able to do that, if I did not have interactions with him/her after the procedure. Personally I have had discussions, but that has been because Radiologists I have been to have also been friends :). Most patients only see them during the procedure and then collect / send someone to collect reports and then go back to their main doctor. I would be interested in knowing views from Radiologists on this

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