This article by Lee T H in the recent issue of the NEJM actually discusses “the word that shall not be spoken”, i.e. “suffering”. What is even more interesting is that he describes this in the context of a healthcare company’s business strategy – to reduce suffering from disease, from complications and from dysfunction of the delivery system.

It is an interesting thought and an article worth reading.

If you would like a copy, please email a request.



  1. radha narayanan says:

    Sir please email me the article.

  2. Dr. S. D. Bhandarkar says:

    Thank you. Be grateful to receive one. Dr. S.D. Bhandarkar

  3. Saurabh joshi says:

    Sir, plz mail me the article.

  4. I need thiscarticle

  5. Dr Mp Goyal says:

    Pl send the full article

  6. dr.akhila prasad says:

    sir, pl e mail this article to me. Giving only the title and a trailer only tests our patience and raises our curiosity eagerly, like a kid waiting for their favourite weekly magazines to arrive by post!

  7. I would be happy to go .over with the article

  8. Dr.Wendy L. Ralte says:

    Please send me a copy. Looks interesting Dr.Wendy L. Ralte.

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